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7:45 – 8:30amSummer Campers loading onto Iron Horse Bus
MORNING PICK-UP/THE BUS RIDE:  The adventure begins on our own Iron Horse Bus complete with A/C, videos, dedicated staff & a breakfast taco stop along the way!

OVERNIGHT Sessions: Bus transportation offered on Monday morning for those who cannot deliver their child directly to the Ranch for the week.

REcreation Center at motocorss summer camp



ARRIVAL :  Mondays – Aaaaand we’re OFF!  A big “Welcome to the Ranch!” at the Rec Center helps Campers feel at home, with Introductions-all-Around, a Group Orientation & Locker assignments before getting ready for that first ride. All Other Days – Campers gather for instruction before getting with their group & Coach.

child leaning to ride dirt bike at motocross summer camp






9:45 –11:30 am (10:30 start on Mondays)
On Mondays, we start at the Beginner Tracks at the Barn, where all Campers go through drills before being able to move on to the next level.



The rest of the week, Campers experience the full glory of our 100 acres of tracks & trails, as they progress in their skill level. 




11:30 – 12:30 pm
We eat in our pleasant “Café”, where campers eat the meals cooked fresh daily by Mrs. Turner (or sack lunch for Day Camp)


Lunchtime is also a time to relax, talk about the morning’s ride, eat as much as you want,  play air hockey or choose something from our huge supply of classic kids’ games.

(OVERNIGHT CAMP SESSIONS: All meals included, including lunch.)


12:30 – 2:00 pm
AFTERNOON RIDE TIME:  Everyone gets back with their Coach and onto their bike for more fun & adventure all over the Ranch.   20 minutes on the bike and 20 minutes off.  





1:00 – 2:00pm
FRIDAYS:   “SHOW DAY”  –  parents are invited to come watch their Campers display their riding abilities, take pictures, see the Ranch and enjoy a little bit of camp atmosphere that their child has been experiencing all week.



Swimming Pool





2:00 – 3:00pm (M-Th)
POOL TIME:  The perfect way to cool off and rejuvenate after hours of riding activity on the Ranch. Lifeguard monitored swim, play & volleyball. Cold Watermelon served to all with a Special Treat provided daily by Mrs. Turner in the Café.













3:00 – 3:30pm (T-TH)
A DAY IN REVIEW:  A review of daily pictures & video taken of riders; highlight lessons learned.






3:30 – 3:45pm
DAY Camp Sessions: DEPARTURE & BOARDING BUS:    Back to the Rec Center for Lockers, filling up water bottles & boarding the bus for home!

4:30 – 5:15pm
DAY Camp Sessions:
AFTERNOON DROP-OFF:   The day’s adventures wind down on a peaceful, air-conditioned ride back to the Pick-up/Drop-off locations for the week.








OVERNIGHT SESSIONS: After a late afternoon rest, our campers enjoy a hearty dinner together followed by a beautiful evening ride…really, the best time of the day.  It’s the “Golden Hour” at the Ranch.  The ride is followed by evening activities that can include moonlight swimming, music, fireworks and games.  Campers get to enjoy the Ranch “after hours” during their week, participating in fun activities and getting to make long-lasting friendships. Evenings are ended with a bedtime snack and “lights out” in cozy, air conditioned bunk rooms.

Summer Camp Motorcycle Lessons for Kids


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