Motocross Summer Camp

The Motocross Summer Camp for Kids –  Come Join the FUN!!

We  have finished our Motocross Summer Camps  now , have a great summer!
Come back in November to register  for next year’s camps.

Weekly Overnight  Motocross Summer Camps
From FIRST-TIME BEGINNERS to more experienced riders. 
We provide everything – motorcycles, safety gear and training.
BOYS & GIRLS. Ages 8 – 13.


Hello , late to finding our moto camp, well your here now. We are one of the only camps for motorcycles for kids to ride left in the country.
Remember November of each year is when registration opens to get a ride!

 Click Here for Registration.
Spots still available – let your child be one of the lucky ones to ride at Iron Horse! 


Video Tour:  Ranch, Facilities & MX Tracks

Video Tour: SEE what our Motocross Summer Camp is all about!

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Our Motocross Summer Camp in Brief Review:

– Send us a child whose dream is to ride and we got the rest!

2022 Summer Weekly  Camps includes:
  • All Gear , Motorcycle and Training for the Week 
  • Motocross  Riding on Tracks & Trail
  • Shuttle Bus Transportation to and from Camp
  • Drinks and Snacks
  • All meals included for Overnight Camps
  • Air Conditioned Bunk Rooms for Overnight Weeks; separate facilities for Girls and Boys
  • Amenities also include Pool with Lifeguards, Rec Center, Air Hockey, Ping Pong, daily riding video reviews, movies and more…
Click here for  Full Camp Activity Description.


Motocross Summer Camp

Motocross Summer Camp

“Is this motocross summer camp for me?” YES! 

If you want to learn to ride motorcycles with a bunch of your soon to be best friends then you have found the right place. We are not a day care camp!  The training is for real. This is what most kids need “nowadays” to really learn how to ride and be safe. We are a true summer camp, and it just so happens our toys to play with are motorcycles. 

Our camp is designed to teach all campers how to ride, from beginner to advanced in a summer camp atmosphere. We have a pool, rec center and pond for fishing on off times that helps campers to socialize and make friends, all while becoming part of our riding family.  We do not hold racing clinics in our summer camps .  It’s all about riding and having fun –  no one wants to go home on Friday.  

It’s a cool experience for our campers to feel that they belong to a unique group of people.

We are one of the ONLY camps  left in the country like us.  The pandemic has, ironically, contributed to the value we have as a camp.  Many more parents want their kids to get outside,  play with others, have fun, experience joy.  We have become so popular that more children register first from outside Texas – states like California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York – so by the time locals try to get in, we are full.* This is how we have come to learn that what we offer is rare and valued by parents.

The motorcycles themselves have become super valuable because of COVID and the supply chain shutdown.  Parts and bikes are hard to get, so riding them becomes even more of a treat for kids. Iron Horse Country Ranch has become a very special place; we do so much more than offer trail bikes for a couple of hours as a “station activity”.    Everyone wants to be here, staff and campers, which creates a very unique atmosphere. We take care of our campers with good food, air-conditioning, comfortable bunk rooms for overnight, constant supervision and extra activities like swimming and our rec center with games.  All this makes for great camaraderie and spirit.  As one camper said, “This is my community”. 

HOW TO REGISTER – Easy as 1 – 2 – 3

Check our Calendar – fees will be listed. Register Online,  make Payment and…
YOU’RE IN!  Your child will be going to one of the most exciting camps around!  Click Here for Registration. 

(Note: Because of the current (2022) short supply on bikes and parts we have decided to only do summer camps  for the foreseeable future, suspending all off-season weekend lessons as well as Spring Break camp.)

*Tip: Camp Registration opens in November of each year for the next summer camp season and is the best time to get into the week you want at the lowest rate.


IHCR welcome 2019
IHCR welcome 2019



More about the bikes…

We welcome all children, ages 8 to 13, to experience a real summer camp. The dirt bikes – all trusty Honda’s of various sizes –  are our tool to get your child back outside having fun again. Riding motorcycles inspires children like no other activity. Our highly developed children’s motocross rider program makes it easy for new riders to build confidence quickly. Our easy step drill process for new riders maximizes safety for a fun learning experience! They won’t be looking at their phones; they will be riding. You will not find a more excited and happy boy or girl! We have all levels of riders,  a group of beginners in every session.  It is an experience they will not soon forget.

Motocross Summer Camp

More about the setting…

Our Ranch has 101 acres to explore while riding with many tracks and trails, ponds and streams. Our drills and training plans help all riders learn motocross and advance so they can come for a week or more every summer. We have fishing, swimming and our Recreation Center and Cafe for down time: they will never want to leave! The ranch is quite the kids palace,  with lots of attention from our staff, food, snacks, climate controlled buildings, swimming pool and more – all to make sure our campers are in comfort while they are here socializing with friends. From the moment they arrive, campers will know they are at a special place. Our coaches help them start making friends right at that moment.  Become one of our new generation of parents and kids to discover the exhilaration of riding dirt bikes with us this summer.
Riding a motorcycle is a special privilege,  judging by the hundreds of requests we get literally from all over the world. There are very few facilities like ours left in the country.  Thank you to all our families and campers for your support over the years!  

IMPACT of COVID over the last 2 years. Our business has changed in the  summer youth camp arena.   We have learned what it takes to help children grow with this new isolation of the pandemic.  Fourteen years of teaching to ride has taught us that we are very rare indeed and now have the tools to bring kids back to life.


Register today and your child will love you forever!
We are THE Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids!

We want to ride!

An Interview with our campers .
Riding is Thrilling and Why We Want to Ride

Tour Of The Ranch, Facilities  and Motocross Tracks

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The Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids