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The Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids –  Come Join the FUN!!


We provide everything – motorcycles, safety gear and training.

Our business is summer youth camp.  We have learned what it takes to help children grow with our confidence-building and fun camp.  Fourteen years of teaching to ride has taught us that we are very rare indeed. 

We are the only kids’ motorcycle camp in the country that does what we do.  We do so much more than offer trail bikes for a couple of hours as a “station activity”.  We don’t have to transport our campers to other people’s land for riding or a public track – we have our own 100 acre ranch with miles of tracks and trails. We teach for a week at a time, not a few days.  We take care of our campers with good food, air-conditioning, comfortable bunk rooms for overnight and extra activities like swimming and games.  All this makes for great camaraderie and spirit.  As one camper said, “This is my community”. 

The pandemic has, ironically, contributed to the value we have as a camp.  Many more parents want their kids to get outside,  play with others, have fun, experience joy.  We have had more and more families register from outside Texas – states like California, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York.  This is how we have come to learn that what we offer is rare and valued by parents.

The pandemic’s effect on the world supply chain has impacted us as well: getting replacement bikes and bike parts is a real challenge right now.  Because of this, we have decided not to risk our fleet of Honda’s for Fall lessons, weekend riding and mini-camp days.  We hope to return to this secondary way of teaching to ride in the Spring 2022.  Stay tuned!

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child leaning to ride dirt bike at motocross summer camp

We want to ride!

An Interview with our campers .
Riding is Thrilling and Why We Want to Ride

Tour Of The Ranch, Facilities  and Motocross Tracks

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The Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids