COVID-19 Questionnaire

Please answer the 4 questions below and submit the week before you come to camp. All the information will be kept private. We are using it to get  the feel in our camp community of how much spread of the virus COVID-19 there actually is compared to all of the United States.

COVID 19 Questionnaire

Questions for Camp Covid 19 screening

    Has anyone in your Family tested Positive for COVID 19? This includes camper and anyone in your household.
    Has anyone tested positive for COVID-19 at your workplace?
    You must have a direct relation to this person (friend, colleague, relative, etc.). Only answer yes if they tested positive.
    This is a general question meant to help us gauge the presence of the virus. Please only answer yes if you know this individual has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Please explain the level of contact you might have had with any of the infected individuals. We are trying to do this weekly with all camp families. This survey is for us to get an estimate on the current threat of the virus and what is going on in our area for our camp safety.
  • First and last name of your registered camper.

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