Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Concerning COVID-19

Iron Horse Summer Camp 2021 will follow the same protocols for activities, transportation, dining, sleeping and general safety measures as we did in 2020.  The Texas Department of State Health Services (our licensing agency) has put out notice to all youth camps in Texas to do so this year in view of the remaining existence of coronavirus cases. Based on a combination of TDSHS, the CDC,  and the Texas Governor’s Office’s mandates and recommendations we will continue with reduced camp capacity to provide for safe spacing at camp,  frequent handwashing, daily temperature readings of all campers and staff,  face coverings for indoor activities and daily symptom screening.

LAST YEAR WE HAD ZERO COVID CASES.  Here are some statistics just released to us by TDSHS for the Youth Camp 2020 season with regard to COVID-19 impact:

  • 358 Youth Camp licenses issued
  • 227 Camps operated, of which 226 were inspected (we were inspected)
  • 131 Licensed Youth Camps chose not to operate during COVID-19 pandemic
  • 39 Licensed Youth Camps reported cases of COVID-19 on-site.  Some camps closed temporarily; others decided to cease operations for the remainder of the summer.
  • 0 Enforcement cases referred to the Compliance Unit for action (i.e.,  Administrative penalty or warning letter)

We were in the roughly 2/3rds of Camps that chose to operate during the pandemic and were able to do so on-time and throughout the summer, both day and overnight camp weeks without closing.  We were not in the 10% of Camps that experienced COVID cases.  It helps that we have smaller numbers than other larger traditional sleep away camps, i.e. 24 campers a week vs. hundreds.

Below are links to current Texas Youth Camp Guidelines and a link back to our Reservation Calendar:

Guidelines for Camp Operators

Guidelines for Families

Link to Our Reservation Calendar

Camp Refund Policy under COVID-19

Our general refund policy has not changed – 30 days written notice prior to camp session for full refund less registration fee/credit card usage fee.

Cancellations shorter than 30 days will not be refunded unless the camper or direct family member living with the camper falls ill with COVID-19.  Refunds less the above fees will be given with submission of positive test results.


Although we are all still dealing with “the COVID” this year, it is SO much better than in 2020!  We have this down.  Things can only continue to improve from where we are now and for this we are thankful.

Mr. Turner
Director of Camp




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