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Motorcycle Weekend Ride Days – Motocross Dirt bikes for Kids

(Please note: due to the Coronavirus/COVID-19, our normal Fall Weekend Ride Day schedule has been suspended.  

The following information will be helpful to read as general information on what we offer, but please check back to this page for updates on our Fall schedule.  A link to register will be added on this page when lessons are possible.  Join our email list for notices:


What We Offer
We provide everything  you & your child need to experience off-road motorcycle riding!  Yes parents, you are welcome to sign up to ride along with your son or daughter!  Same rates apply.

MOTORCYCLES – Honda off-road dirt bike models CRF50,70,80,100,110,125,150F

RANCH SETTING – 100 beautiful Texas Hill Country Acres with a riding system that includes a Motorcycle Training Range, 4 Motocross Tracks and 3 Trails. 

GEAR – helmets, chest protectors, gloves and goggles

INSTRUCTION – Honda Safety trained director, trained staff.

FOOD & HYDRATION – snacks, water provided.  We will take GOOD care of you!  


Pricing and Details for Ride Days:

We teach young riders and parents how to ride off road motorcycles, “dirtbikes”, from beginners on up.  We provide 3 different session hours of actual ride time on a Saturday or Sunday during the Spring and Fall seasons.  Families come 30 minutes ahead of their time to get ready so no ride time is wasted getting fitted for gear, etc.   All lessons are small group in format.   Parents do not have to sign up with their child, but it is fun if you do! The information below on pricing and hours may be subject to updates:


(Beginners must start with our first session of the morning, (usually 10-11am) and we recommend at least 2 sessions, (i.e. 10-11 and 11-12 for these new riders)
$100  first  session, 10am-11am  
$   55  for the second session, 11-12pm   
Special Deal for all 3 hours, 10-1pm – $175

Experienced – (but first time to Iron Horse)
(These riders can start at any of the timed sessions)
 $ 75  first  hour/session
 $ 55  second hour/session
Special Deal for all 3 hours, 10-1pm – $175

Xcampers – $45 any session (must have been in our summer camps and may ride any of the timed sessions)  All 3 hours $130.


Sign Up and Pay for at least one session (link to register to be added once we are able to offer lessons) to secure a spot on that day.  More sessions can be added on the day, if wanted, but at least one must be signed up through this website.  Each Ride Day has three, 1-hour “sessions” (hours) than can be signed up for – you can come for 1, 2 or 3 hours.  All hours will involve instruction, training and supervision at all times.  Instruction is done in small groups according to skill level.  There is no unsupervised riding done on the ranch.
Arrive 30 minutes before your session starts.  This is important!  Your riding starts at the top of the hour you signed up for, so you have to allow time to get safety gear on and be oriented beforehand, or your actual ride time will be cut short.   
Come dressed so that all skin is covered – i.e., blue jean pants, long sleeve t-shirt, long socks, tie-type shoes or boots.  No slip-on or mesh shoes please.  
Get Ready to have FUN!  We have a very friendly atmosphere here, so don’t be shy to learn!  If you can ride a bicycle, we can teach you to ride a motorcycle.  It’s very enjoyable and stress-relieving!  
REFUNDS – given in full  up to the day before. 
WEATHER CANCELLATIONS – will be posted here on this site; check before you come!  Full refunds given if cancelled due to weather.

*Beginner Riders are children or adults who have either never been on an off-road motorcycle before, or, may have had a small amount of exposure or ride time on one but haven’t developed the skills necessary to ride safely. A rider who reports having experience (i.e., a parent who rode as a child) will be charged $75 vs. $100 for the first hour due to the extra training still involved. Normally parents bring children to learn to ride and once they get going mom or dad who has ridden, joins in. A coach is with you all the time. Safety is our main concern. Thank you for your interest in Riding at Iron Horse Country.

PRIVATE LESSONS – We provide private lessons year-round, weather permitting.  Rates are as follows: 

Individual – $85/hr for instructor, $45/hr for motorcycle & gear = $130/hr 
Group – You may have a group with instructor of up to 4 riders for $265/hr ($130 for first rider + 3 @ $45 each).  This rate includes instructor, lessons, motorcycles & gear. 



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