Motorcycle Motocross Lessons and Ride Days

Motorcycle Ride Days – Motocross Dirt bikes for Kids

Motorcycle lessons dirt bike kids

Iron Horse Country Ranch offers – RIDE DAYS:
Are finished for this year . We will open again in March 2019

Everything your child needs to experience off road motorcycle riding!
MOTORCYCLES – Honda off road dirt bike models CRF50,70,80,100,110,125,150F.
RANCH SETTING – 100 beautiful Texas Hill Country Acres with a riding system that includes a Motorcycle Training Range, 4 Motocross Tracks and 3 Trails. GEAR – helmets, chest protectors, gloves and goggles.
INSTRUCTION – Honda Safety trained director, trained staff. FOOD AND HYDRATION – snacks, water and Gatorade provided. We will take GOOD care of you!

Arrive 30 minutes before session start. Dress so that all skin is covered – Blue jean pants, long sleeve tshirt, long socks, tie-type tennis shoes or boots. No slip-on shoes.

There are 3 sessions on a ride day. All day is from 10am to 1pm. Call for private lessons.
You may choose as many sessions as you want to ride , and that determines cost.

Sessions are for one hour each beginning at 10am, 11am, and 12 noon
A rider in a session rides 20min on, then off, then on again. Beginner riders must come in the morning for the first session and arrive at 9:30 starts the training for 1st session,
and then may add additional sessions on the day of lesson. It takes the second session for most so they can have fun after they get the hang of it in the first session.
We use drills according to skill level of the rider and what we call motorcycle calisthenics to make the process faster and safer.
Fees are 1st session $60 -session for beginner lesson and 1st session $45 for past summer camp riders .
The next sessions may then be added for $40 after 1st session for $40 each . All 3 sessions of $120 for Ex -Summer Campers

Signup here by paying to reserve your spot . Refunds given up to the Friday before weekend ride date. We will refund for weather and post schedule changes here .
You may increase your ride time at the ranch , but you MUST SIGN UP HERE for at least one session, to reserve your spot. Parents can ride too! All riding will be done with a coach and instruction,
no unsupervised riding around the ranch. We are here for the children to provide a safe place for them to learn how to ride and have fun. Adults may participate and have fun too.
It is a very friendly atmosphere here, so don’t be shy! If you can ride a bicycle, we can teach you to ride a motorcycle – it’s fun and stress relieving.

We do Private Lessons All Year weather permitting -call or text or email
$85 hr instructor plus motorcycle and gear $40 hr = $125 you may have a group with instructor up to 4 riders.


Get on Email list below to get notified of weekend classes in April May and October . And our Summer Camps June -August

All participants will go through riding orientation and be with a coach around the ranch, through trails and tracks.
All riding is done in groups with an Iron Horse Country Ranch instructor watching or instructing at all times, for safety.
Our tracks and trails require various riding level abilities which make it fun and exciting for kids as they build riding skills. We are not, however, a professional racer motocross park. If you have race bikes and are looking for a place to ride try the tracks at Del Valle or Murphy’s.
Our goal is to give new riders or young children a safe place to ride.
Private lessons are also available, call to set up.

We want all children to have a safe, fun time at the ranch.

Any questions call us  (512) 917-5733 or email

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The Motorcycle Summer Camp for Kids